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LifeWave Energy Enhancer Patches

LifeWave Energy Enhancer Patches®

Energy Enhancer stimulates energy production at the cellular level so you can rely on natural, reusable energy instead of cheap substitutes to fuel your passion for life.

LifeWave X39 Patches®

Aging is not inevitable. X39 supports healthy stem cell activity, which promotes healing, restoration, and rejuvenation. By naturally elevating a copper peptide produced by the body, X39 boosts vitality and overall health and wellness. Turn back time with X39!

Lifewave Y-Age Glutathione Patches®

Y-Age Glutathione goes to work for you by naturally elevating production of glutathione, which is your body’s master antioxidant. This fortifies immune function and fights off damaging oxidative stress – boosting your body’s primary defense.

LifeWave Y-Age Aeon Patches®

Y-Age Aeon promotes relaxation, calms discomfort, and eases tension while supporting a healthy inflammatory response in your body. Unwind and rebalance for that peaceful, at-ease feeling.

LifeWave IceWave Patches®

Pain management with no drugs, chemicals or stimulants.  IceWave is specifically designed to provide relief at the source of discomfort.  And if you have pain throughout your body, there are placement options that produce equally effective results.  With its affordable, non-addictive approach IceWave truly stands apart from other pain management products.

LifeWave Shine Aromatherapy Mist

LifeWave Shine aromatherapy mist provides the scent of essential oils.

LifeWave Dream Aromatherapy Mist

LifeWave Dream aromatherapy mist provides the scent of essential oils.

Essentials Mist Collection

LifeWave Shine and Dream aromatherapy mists provide the scent of essential oils.

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