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SAVED OUR FAMILY VACATION! During our week in Mexico my husband was up all night with stomach issues. After 2 days in bed, Desiree said she could do energy healing for him overnight. The next morning he was full of energy and ready for ocean fun. A few days later I started to feel it, too, and Desiree quickly did energy healing for me. I took an amazing afternoon nap after and bounced back ready for dinner and nighttime fun! Thank you Desiree for saving our family’s trip!
Ariana H.
I had an energy healing from Desiree to help clear my house and more importantly my bedroom where I haven’t been able to get a good night’s sleep for YEARS. My partner sleeps in the bedroom and while he understands, he’d like me to sleep next to him. I wanted to sleep next to him. I have worn an OURA ring for 6 years to track my sleep and after working with Desiree I got my best sleep score of 99%!! It was truly a gift and I highly recommend working with Desiree.
Shannon Wallace
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Desiree did a remote Property Energy Healing for us, and our home is much more relaxed and both of us feel so much better. Thank you for putting “positive” back in our home!❤️
Matt & Kim L.
So about 6 months ago my mom was doing some research to help me figure out how to handle my auto immune condition. She came across NES Infoceuticals and then preceded to find a practitioner in San Diego. This is how  I came to meet Desiree. Our first meeting was focused on the NES protocol and auto immune. As Desiree and I were talking she mentioned she does energy healing. I am very familiar with energy work and right away I knew I needed to try it. The first healing was amazing.  She touched on all things that were issues for me with out me giving details . From that first healing I knew Desiree was gifted, smart, in tune and very well versed in her skill. I have been seeing her regular and each time it’s like another layer of discord gets peeled away. I can feel the difference after each healing. I had an awful migraine and couldn’t make one of our sessions. Desiree did it via email and in about an hour I was like wow I can see straight ! I knew it was the healing. Today we did something interesting. We did a healing/clearing of my home. I had had a horrible ulcer like stomach ache all day. She asked questions about the lay out of my home and then proceeded to check the home for areas of energetic disarray . It’s funny because she mentioned the cold water pipe that leads to my washer. I laughed and said “Omg wait until I tell you the story of that pipe that had a mind of its own.” She cleared the energy not only on the pipes but other things. Three hours later I’m laying here realizing my stomach ache is gone.  There are so many examples I could give !  I’m happy to talk to anyone who is curious about Desiree but I promise you the experience will be beautiful and healing and educational!
Dana Cahill

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