A 90-minute Zoom or phone 1:1 consultation* to discuss what’s going on with your health now and strategies for healing including creating a customized coaching program with access to functional lab test and lab test results and recommendations programs and other Energy Health Tools.

Using a functional and holistic approach I help to identify healing opportunities that are creating dysfunction or imbalance in the body. Then I support clients to work to restore balance in their bodies using tools to improve diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction and natural supplementation to promote the healing process.

I don’t diagnose or treat any specific conditions or focus on symptoms. I help my clients to identify the underlying causes of stress on the body and teach them a model of self-care to stay healthy and improve overall well-being for the rest of their lives. All recommendations are voluntary in application.

*Does not include review of lab tests


A 90-minute Zoom or phone 1:1 consultation

Just a few months ago, my family was whole, perfect, and thriving. We thumbed our nose at sickness. We ate well, slept well, played a lot, and were wary of any synthetic or organic substance that entered our home. We were diligent for decades about our food and our bodies. A few short months ago, that world exploded into fear, confusion, and anger and shattered our reality due to an as-yet undiagnosed illness. Our confidence in our ability to wage this war to recovery was bleak and diminishing to nothing as diagnosis and recovery eluded us. This is no longer our dilemma. Our prayers were heard and realized through our introduction to practitioner Desiree Lawn. She took us on just before my illness's lowest point to date. Her array of treatments perfectly aligned with the treatment we needed. Meridian-based therapies are not new to us. However, Desiree's approach and application sustained me through the worst of my illness. Frankly, she shepherded me through my darkest times. From a fervent hope to a firm realization that my recovery was at hand, Desiree has been there. Energy healing, NES treatments, and her uncanny talent for muscle-testing substances, She expertly supported the restoration of my energy dynamics. Notably, she guides me away from substances that inhibit my healing. Desiree is very kind, understanding, and thorough. I immediately connected with her, which allowed our healing sessions to be wholly and immediately impactful. Desiree is God-sent, purposefully revealed to help me recover, succeeding where others might not.
The Williams Family

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