What is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL)?

Hypochlorous Acid is an oxidant found naturally in white blood cells (neutrophils) that kills microbial pathogens.   I found out about HOCl last year when looking for something natural to sanitize my house with.  This stuff is amazing.  I can’t believe that I had not heard of it before.  It’s 100x more efficient at killing microbial pathogens than chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite).  HOCl has a neutral PH and does not cause irritation and is safe on skin and eyes.  Chlorine has been studied as a disinfectant for over a 100 years.  Hypochlorous Acid has been researched for over 30 years, and recent advances allowed stabilized HOCL to be created by electrolysis.  HOCl is Eco-friendly as it’s non-hazardous and turns back into saline overtime.

5 Fantastic Everyday Uses for HOCL (Hypochlorous Acid)

Topical Skin Spray – Briotech – alcohol free, PH balanced.  We’ve used it for cuts, scraps, dry skin and toenail fungus.

Hand Spray- Briotech – I carry a small bottle of this with me in my purse and leave one in the car.  It’s alcohol free, free of harmful chemicals:  no triclosan, no parabens and no fragrances, and PH neutral so does not dry out my hands.  They actually seem softer after using the electrolyzed HOCL spray.

Oral Hygiene – I’ve struggled with tooth and gum infections, yeast and sinus infections and since swishing and gargling with Briotech’s Super Oxidizing Saline (SOS) mouth rinse I’ve been free of oral issues.  The SOS does have a slight chlorine smell, but it’s worth it to keep my mouth feeling good.

Sanitizing Floors and Counters – I was so excited when I found the Ecolox Eco One home unit that generates HOCl with Kosher salt and vinegar.  Now I love to mop my floors using HOCl, it leaves them sanitized, clean and fresh smelling.  The Eco One was compact enough to bring with us on a 2 week RV trip so we could easily generate more HOCl to keep the floors clean, and we put it in a spray bottle to sanitize the counters and bathroom surfaces.

Fruit and Vegetable Wash – I use the Ecolox Eco One unit at a lower concentration to make HOCl fruit and vegetable wash.  It is easy to make, and is a no rinse sanitizer for food and food contact surfaces.  It does not leave a slippery film like other food washes.  Over time it starts to lose its concentration and turn back to saline so every few weeks if we haven’t used it all I make a new batch to keep the potency up.

Enjoy peace of mind by sanitizing with Hypochlorous Acic (HOCL) knowing that it’s all natural and is more effective than chlorine bleach.


Shealy, C.N., M.D., PhD, (2012) NIXALL™



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